Zedd - Shotgun

Anton Zaslavski, or Zedd as you may recognize him, is out with another groundbreaker. And when I say groundbreaker I really mean it. This guy surely isn't afraid of trying new stuff and pushing the limits, if there even are any limits. This time he tries growling hardstyle/jumpstyle influenced sounds that will make you jump like crazy. Released yesterday on OWSLA.

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Dyro & Jacob van Hage - EMP

After releasing a couple of singles on Hardwell's imprint Revealed Recordings, rising star Dyro now comes out with a new track called 'EMP' that he made in collaboration with Jacob van Hage. If you have heard Dyro's previous releases you know his sound is enourmous with huge bass synths and pounding drums.

Also, check out his upcoming track with Rene Kuppens called 'Raid' that was previewed by Hardwell himself in his set at Ultra Music Festival last weekend.

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Rene Kuppens & Dyro - Raid (Original Mix)


Mixtape Mondays #14

It's time for number 14 in the series of Mixtape Mondays! The sun is shining in Sweden and the summer vibes is starting to come and I just love it! Today's mixtapes will contain a lot of wobbles and pounding drums and they are made by no others than Drumsound & Bassline Smith, CHASE, Enbe, NickBee & Sunchase and Dj Stream! Enjoy fellas!

Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Exclusive Mix for Kiss 100 Bass Week [Download]

CHASE - The Show 002 [Download]

Enbe - Embrace Reality [Download]

NickBee & Sunchase - Invisible Mix [Download]

Dj Stream - Infinite Bass Vol.1 [Download]


Cazzi Opeia - My Heart In 2 (CHASE Remix) [Preview]

I found something really good in my inbox today. The swedish duo CHASE sent me their latest works, two remixes of Cazzi Opeia's 'My Heart In 2' and PANG!'s 'Another Day'. CHASE uses different styles in these two, one is progressive house and the other one has a more tech-house feel to it.

I'm actually a big fan of tech-house but I don't think I have posted any tech-house before. What do you guys think, do you want more of it? Tell me! And yeah, support these guys, they really deserve it!

Cazzi Opeia - My Heart In 2 (CHASE Remix)

PANG! - Another Day (CHASE Remix)

Just some fresh tunes

A lot of new good music is popping up nowadays! Have a listen to these tracks below, both previews and full songs by Uppermost, Madeon, Zedd, Clockwork and Archie V!

Sebastien Benett - Slap (Uppermost Remix)

Martin Solveig - The Night Out (Madeon Remix)

Zedd - Shotgun

Joachim Garraud & Alesia - Hook (Clockwork Remix)

Archie - Nobody Likes Me


Mixtape Mondays #13

It's monday and you know the drill. Let's get into the mixes right away. This time you get mixes by Joakim Larsson, Nadastrom & Sabo, Lunde Bros, The Deficient and Eptic!

Joakim Larsson - MIXTAPE '005 [Download]

Nadastrom x Sabo - HARD Miami Moombahton Massive Mix

Lunde Bros - This Is Lunde Bros. #028 [Download]

The Deficient - WMC 2012 Mixtape [Download]

Eptic - Never Say Die Volume 20 [Download]

Mord Fustang - Welcome To The Future [EP Release]

Woooow. I didn't see this coming, it just hit me right in the kisser. And it hitted me hard, so hard I could barely stand upright! Estonian Mord Fustang released this four-track EP today on Plasmapool and I'm impressed as fuck. Just when you thought this guy couldn't get any better. Ever since I heard his 'Super Meat Freeze' for the first time, Mord has been in the top of my favorites list. Have a listen to the tracks below and support the man by purchasing them on Beatport!

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Mord Fustang - Windwaker

Mord Fustang - Super Fever

Mord Fustang - Welcome To The Future

Mord Fustang - The Majestic


Wolfgang Gartner - Push and Rise (PrototypeRaptor Bootleg Remix) [Free Download]

So yesterday I found out about this guy called PrototypeRaptor, and I listened to his stuff and it proved to be very good! His complextro style reminds me a lot of Mord Fustang's. Listen to these bootleg remixes and also his amazing original called 'Drive Hard'. I can't believe I haven't found out about this guy earlier, his stuff is so good! They're all available for free, just click the arrow in the SoundCloud-player to download!

Wolfgang Gartner - Push and Rise (PrototypeRaptor Bootleg Remix)

Pendulum - Fasten Your Seatbelt (PrototypeRaptor Bootleg Remix)

PrototypeRaptor - Drive Hard


OWSLA Free Treats Vol. 2 [Free Download]

Alright, time for some free music again! The record label started by Skrillex, called OWSLA, is releasing a compilation with 19 free tunes from djs/producers such as KOAN Sound, Munchi, 12th Planet, Alvin Risk, Style Of Eye and many more. All tracks has their own special touch to it making them all very unique, this compilation is like this big bag of candy where everyone can find something they like! All you need to download it is a Beatport account.

KOAN Sound - Look Who's Back (feat. Foreign Beggars)

Style Of Eye - Devastate


Mixtape Mondays #12

It's monday and the sun is shining in Sweden, finally! The spring is coming closer each and every day and I love it. Today you will be given some mixtapes and I guess you already knew that! These tapes are made by Tommy Trash, Jack Sword, Gregori Klosman and Dada Life.

Tommy Trash - March 2012 Mix [Download]

Jack Sword Presents: 'MixMode' Episode #003 [Download]

Gregori Klosman - Klosmania Episode 10 [Download]

Dada Life - March 2012 Mix [Download]

Eptic - Like A Boss [EP Release]

18 year old Belgian Michaël Bella, or Eptic, as you may recognize him, releases a four-track EP today called 'Like A Boss' on Never Say Die Records. If you haven't heard anything from Eptic before I can tell you that you should prepare for dubstep madness. My favorite track of the EP is 'Death Ray', listen to it and you will understand why!

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Oasis – Wonderwall (Milo & Otis Remix) [Free Download]

Milo & Otis. Put these names on your mind, because they are making huge music that you don't want to miss. This remix of Oasis classic 'Wonderwall' has a moombahton/drumstep/brostep touch to it and makes the original a dancefloor killer. All you need to know about them is on their SoundCloud profile, they seem to be special:
"Milo & Otis is two dudes from Afratca. One is a professional fake book writer and the other is a leprechaun farmer who's a gambler."


Bingo Players, Gregori Klosman, Tristan Garner, Knife Party & Danny Wild – Fuckin Rattle Space Friends (Gregori Klosman Bootleg)

French Gregori Klosman is one of the most underestimated in the house scene if you ask me. His skills both behind the decks and in the studio is just crazy. He recently released a bootleg-pack containing six songs and my favorite is 'Fuckin Rattle Space Friends'.

He mashes up four songs in this jewel of a bootleg, hence the long name. You may want to prepare yourself before listening to this one considering the amount of energy that will blast through your speakers.

Dada Life - Rolling Stone T-Shirt (Cazzette Remix) [Preview]

Whoa, sometimes I'm really proud of beeing Swedish. Electro-house duo Cazzette have made their take on Dada Life's upcoming 'Rolling Stone T-Shirt' and they surely made it a banger. I can imagine the total rage and chaos occuring while this beeing played at a concert/festival, Cazzette surely have the ability to create songs that hits hard! It will be released on March 20th via Musical Freedom.

Treasure Fingers - Rooftop Revival (Bro Safari Remix)

Bro Safari, a well known producer/dj in the moombahton scene have made a remix of Treasure Fingers 'Rooftop Revival', transforming the original to a slower, more bass-oriented track. Think of a fidget-house track slowed down to moombahton tempo, it sounds pretty cool! Fidget + Moombahton = Fidgeton? And yeah, the song is availiable for free downloading too, GRATIS ÄR GOTT! (Google translate that shit).


Celldweller - Soundtrack For The Voices In My Head Vol. 02, Chapter 02

Indie electronic producer Celldweller has just unveiled a new album of experimental hybrid dubstep/rock/orchestral tracks entitled 'Soundtrack For The Voices In My Head Vol. 02, Chapter 02' featuring the blockbuster track 'ShutEmDown' featured in Disney's new epic adventure John Carter and Marvel Comic's new Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance film trailers.

The album is available now from the FiXT Store, and will be available at all major digital retailers worldwide on March 13th, 2012.

Buy: FiXT


Pegboard Nerds – Gunpoint (Original Mix)

Before I go to bed I need to share this track with you guys. Pegboard Nerds are a Norwegian/Danish duo and together they made this banger called 'Gunpoint'. A song combining nice piano melodies and arps with heavy growling dubstep wobbles and bleeps, just as we like it! Purchase it today to support these guys!

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Mixtape Mondays #11

What's up guys! New episode of Mixtape Mondays coming your way! This time I give you some interesting tapes by Don Palm, Digital LAB, Dj Falcon, Dirtyloud and Timo Juuti & Hector 87.

Don Palm - February 2012 Mixtape [Download]

Digital LAB - We Belong to the Night Episode #2 [Download]

Dj Falcon - For Vulture Music

Dirtyloud - March 2012 Dj Mix [Download]

Timo Juuti & Hector 87 - Mix for DJ Mag [Download]


Moombahton favorites

Alright, it's time to get you some more moombahton, haven't been much of that on here. I have some favorites of mine that I want to share with you! I think moombahton is a love it/hate it genre. Nothing in between. Check out these tracks below and see what you think, some of them are free and you can download them in the soundcloud player.

Diplo - Horsey

Richard Morrissey - Never Say Die

Vato Gonzalez - The Moombahstard

Taio Cruz - Troublemaker (JWLS Remix)

Knife Party - Until They Kick Us Out Ft. Mista Jam (Cabes Edit)

Wolfgang Gartner - Illmerica (gLAdiator Moombahton Edit)

Tommy Trash - Future Folk (LAZRtag Moombahton Bootleg)


Dubstep shows you don't wanna miss

So, I guess you are a big fan of wobbling music with lots of bass and hard drums? Then you should check out these events presented by The Circle Talent Agency. I mean, look at these lineups! The shows will be held at SXSW in Austin, TX, so if you're nearby - DON'T FREAKING HESITATE!

The first showcase will be 'The Circle Talent Agency Artist Showcase' and it's on March 15, with great acts such as Flux Pavilion, Andy C, Cookie Monsta and more. The second one - 'Bass Union' will be on March 17 and will be guested by Dieselboy, Terravita, Bare and Schoolboy to name a few. So what are you waiting for? Purchase tickets now!

The Circle Talent Agency Artist Showcase, March 15
Facebook Event | Buy Tickets

Circle Talent Agency Presents Bass Union, March 17
Facebook Event