Noisia - Imperial [EP Release]

The three masterminds behind Noisia have released a four track EP of which two of them are collaborations with Phace and The Upbeats. If you're into dnb you have probably heard Noisia before and then you know exactly what to expect. My favorite of the four tracks is defenitely 'Dustup', the collaboration with The Upbeats. A masterpiece it is.

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Mixtape Mondays #20

Alright, time for mixtapes again! A little more mixtapes this time, to compensate for the empty space last monday. The mixtapes are made by F3RAL, GTA, Dada Life, Midnight Conspiracy, CHASE, Mat Zo and Drumsound & Bassline Smith!

F3RAL - Moomba+ Live Set [Download]

GTA - Live from Space Terrace [Download]

Dada Life - May 2012 Mix [Download]

Midnight Conspiracy - Dead Fame 003 [Download]

CHASE - The Show 004 [Download]

Mat Zo - North American Fun Bus Mix

Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Technique Podcast Episode 12 [Download]

Fenomenet - Carazone (Original Mix)

As you may have noticed KMS have been silent for a couple of weeks. I guess it's because of my schoolwork combined with lazyness and I'm sorry for that. I'll try my best now to keep on giving you the best music on here!

So, to break the silence I want to show you guys a song made by a friend of mine, who goes under the alias Fenomenet. The song is called 'Carazone' and was released on Guena Records. It's a really cool track with elements of complextro and dubstep, check it out below and purchase it on Beatport today!

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