Noisia - Split The Atom: Special Edition [Album Release]

Let's start this post by making it clear that Noisia are on my top-3-favorite-music-producers-of-all-time-list. The creativity and engineering behind their music is just incredible. Their debut album 'Split The Atom' was defenitely the album of the year 2010 and it's still a big favorite of mine.

Now they're releasing the Special Edition of the album, containing their two latest singles 'Tommy's Theme' and 'Could This Be' along with the original tracks from the album as well as a handful of remixes by some of the most forward-thinking producers working in electronic music at the moment. Have a listen to all of the tracks below.

Buy: Beatport, iTunes, Spotify

Disk 1 (Originals)

Disk 2 (Remixes)

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